Zeakon was foundet in the middle of 2015 to enrich the modern electronic music culture in general.
    It is about the idea to bridge the gap between the technical and artist related aspects to make the most intense experience of perceiving music, ambience and culture as possible!
    Technical aspects like, a crystal clear and forceful Sound system, powerful light, video devices and elements to build up a stage, provide the fundament, to express all the artistic aspects in an optimum range.
    Zeakon is equipped with high quality event technology (sound, light, video and more) and is trained to set up those elements professional!
    We want to customize our equipment and knowledge adjusted to all people out there, who are setting up an event or party.

    Furthermore we want to present our passion to the psychedelic culture within the scope of our own imagination in form of our label “Zeakon Records”.
    Our passion refers to experimental, twisted, multilayered and high quality psychedelic music combined with driving beats to reach maximum level of ecstasy!

    We set up our own Zeakon events, where all our imaginations of a psychedelic experience, comes together!

    Beyond that, we have our own recording studio available, to provide mix- and mastering services!

    In opposite to most freenet labels, we are concerned about conjoining all artistical facets of the psychedelic world.

    That includes the music itself of cause, but also the visualization in form of artworks (Album/CD-covers, Flyers and Videos) and decoration combined with light and video mappings.
    Zeakon offers a platform to bring all this art (and artists itself) together to create a harmonious matter!
    We are open/ ready for motivated and talented artists, to jump/ join us with this vision/ into this project. Just contact us!
    Feel free to contact us, we will find the best solution for your event in every frame !
    We are heading to visualize your ideas optically and auditive!

    Your Zeakon Crew